Benefits of Bi-Fold Doors

View from outside of an open, black framed Bi-Fold Door

Bi-fold doors are the perfect doors for contemporary home structures, favoured over the years for their usability and aesthetic properties. The benefits of bi-fold doors by far outstretch the classical single fold doors that came in either metallic or wooden materials. Their designs, safety and security options, choice of material, provision of extra space, affordability and flexibility are some of the benefits that bi-fold doors grant users.

Bi-Fold Doors Save Space

Typically, bi-fold doors open outwards, leaving a large area of space on the inside of the house that can be used for other purposes. Besides, the materials used are mostly glass and thin aluminium panels that save huge volumes of space in the regions occupied by the doors.

Available in Various Materials

Though we may favour transparent glass and aluminium framed bi-fold doors, people are moving toward a combination of translucent glass and aluminium framed bi-fold doors. It is, however, not uncommon to find bi-fold doors that are either made of a combination of wood or metal and glass, bi-fold doors can either be fully wooden or metallic though scarce and less fashionable.

Illusion of Space

Most bi-fold doors run from one corner of the house to the next, spanning the length of your home. Transparent bi-fold doors create that illusion of space within your home, the glass helps to expand the size of the room to the outdoors. Creating that illusion of more space.


Translucent materials allow light to pass in one direction only. When translucent bi-fold doors are fitted in such a way as to allow light to travel from the outside into the inside of your home. This allows you to monitor the on-goings outside from the comfort of your living room chair. Increasing the security of your home, this is because the translucent glass reduces views of the inside of your home from the outside. 

Home Security

Bi-Fold Doors are Easy to Maintain

Bi-fold doors are popular for many reasons, including the fact they are easy to clean and maintain. The glass-aluminium combination is easily maintained by wiping or washing the glass panes while oiling the aluminium frames. This can be done once in a while, every 1-2 months, it all depends on how quickly they become dirty. 

Perfect for All Homes

Though less glamorous than sliding doors, bi-fold doors are of higher stature than classical wooden and steel doors. Like their slide counterparts, their ability to permit light in and out of the house helps in creating the illusion of additional space. This, along with added security helps magnify both the scenic and architectural beauty of bi-folding doors. 

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