Benefits of Installing uPVC Windows

Two different styles of windows, one arched and one square, installed by Northants Windows and Conservatories

Gaining extra security, lower energy costs and more comfort in the home are just some of the benefits you’ll receive when installing uPVC windows to your property. If you’re considering installing double glazing but not sure if it’s the right thing for you, here is a list of the many benefits of having them installed to your home:

Benefits of Having uPVC Windows

Added Security

Installing double glazed uPVC windows helps reduce the risk of your home being broken into. It provides an ultra-light but sturdy frame and a double glazed pane of glass, but they’re also more than likely going to avoid even trying when they see that your home looks secure and safe.

Added Durability

uPVC is a low maintenance material and can last for decades without any sign of rot or corrosion. It can cope with all elements and is protected against UV rays which helps prevent the material from fading in colour from the sun. uPVC is incredibly durable and the only upkeep necessary is to wipe down with soapy water every now and then to remove any dirt or stains that has accumulated on the windows.

Low Energy Costs

uPVC windows are designed to keep your house warm and provide increased thermal insulation which means your heating needn’t be set at a high temperature and you can have it on for shorter periods of time. This means you will receive lower energy bills than you would without double glazing.


uPVC windows are made from mostly recyclable materials and can last anywhere between 40-80 years. This helps sustain minimal long-term effects on the environment making them extremely eco-friendly.

Cross section of uPVC windows

Helps Reduce Condensation

If your home is susceptible to condensation this would be a serious problem as the more condensation you have, the more likely your home will develop mould. Mould can cause rot and damp which would be expensive to repair, but it can also be dangerous to your health. Installing double glazed uPVC windows helps to reduce condensation by improving your home’s insulation.

Helps Noise Reduction

If your home is in a busy neighbourhood, near a rail crossing, or anywhere else susceptible to loud noises, installing double glazing will massively help with noise reduction. It will add sound insulation to your home so that you can relax and enjoy some peace no matter what noises are going on outside.

Creates a Comfortable Home

Your home will feel much more warm and comfortable once uPVC windows are installed. Single pane windows can be subject to allowing cold drafts and letting in cold air, whereas once double glazing is installed it will provide insulation, keep the cold air out, and reduce any heat loss, thus keeping your home nice and warm.

Given the many benefits of having double glazing it’s easy to see why it’s gained popularity over the last 30 years with more and more homes having uPVC windows installed. It’s also a priority for 74% of home buyers that their new property have double glazing already installed, which is helpful to know if you’re looking to sell at anytime in the future.

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