Patio Doors Have Many Advantages

Family standing next to their grey framed patio doors, looking out into their garden.

Patio doors are sometimes known as sliding doors and are any type of door that opens onto a garden or patio area. Often confused with french doors, patio doors are different as they slide open on a track, while french doors open outwards using a hinge. Sliding patio doors are the…

What Are Composite Doors Made of?

Navy Front Door with gold post-box and handle, and two Green bushes either side

Composite Door Material Composite doors are often constructed from glass-reinforced plastic also known as GRP, wood, and insulating foam. While uPVC doors are made from only plastic, composite doors use materials that are compressed together under high-pressure conditions. This ensures that they are secure, durable, and resistant to extreme weather. The…

A Brief History of the Conservatory

A UPVC white conservatory fitted by Northants Windows and Conservatories.

Conservatories have the potential to be an incredible feature of your home. They can help you create a stylish space with modern or classic themes, depending on your interior design preferences. When you ask people what a conservatory is, however, many people will have a different answer. The truth is that…

A History of French Doors

An image of newly installed French doors with a brown door frame.

Glamorous, sophisticated, and lightweight, French doors – sometimes known as French windows – are an incredibly popular type of door in UK homes today. Even though they’re called ‘French doors’, their design has a rich history spanning across Europe, with a clear influence from Italian Renaissance architecture. In truth, the French…

Three Ways to Update Your Home’s Exterior Quickly

Black Front Door with Two Planters filled with flowers either side.

Home exterior design can transform your house. Encompassing a wide range of exterior design elements creates a home with great curb appeal that you’ll love returning to each night. Whether you have a traditional or contemporary property, your home exterior can be adapted with some small changes. Unique window and window…

Keep Your Conservatory Cool in Summer

A UPVC white conservatory fitted by Northants Windows and Conservatories.

Keep Your Conservatory Cool Conservatories are a great investment for many homes, they’re a fantastic place to enjoy all year round. They create more space, add value to your property, and bring in more natural light. During the summer, this natural light can lead to your conservatory overheating and becoming too…

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In uPVC Windows

Man Manufacturing a uPVC Window

uPVC windows are an excellent choice for your home. Low maintenance, rot-resistant, and durable, there are numerous reasons to choose uPVC windows over other products such as traditional timber or metal. Here are five benefits of uPVC windows for your home. What Are uPVC Windows?  uPVC is a type of plastic,…

Why You Need a Conservatory

White UPVC Conservatory with two doors opening out to a garden with a table and chairs and a lawn area.

There are many things to consider when you plan to add an extension to your home, with the primary points usually being what the extension will be used for and how it will benefit you. In recent years, the number of conservatories added as extensions to everyday homes has increased significantly.

What is a UPVC Window?

Cross Section of uPVC double glazed Windows

If you’re in the process of changing the windows in your home or have moved somewhere new and are looking at glazing options, you may have come across UPVC windows before. UPVC tends to be one of the most affordable window installation solutions, though that doesn’t make it any less durable…