What Are the Different Types of Conservatory Roofs

Types of conservatory roofs

What Conservatory Roof Types Are Available? Conservatory designs have evolved over the years. Whether they’re built from glass, polycarbonate, or solid tiles, changes in technology and legislation have inspired innovative new types of conservatory roofs. If you’re looking to upgrade your conservatory roof or install a brand-new system, there is a…

Can You Paint a Conservatory Roof?

Glass Conservatory Roof Pane in situ

When You Can Paint a Conservatory Roof You can paint a conservatory roof. However, for polycarbonate sheets, you will need to prepare the surface to prevent the paint from flaking. While it’s a non-porous material like other plastics, you still need to apply the right coating before painting. This coating needs…

A Brief History of the Conservatory

A UPVC white conservatory fitted by Northants Windows and Conservatories.

Conservatories have the potential to be an incredible feature of your home. They can help you create a stylish space with modern or classic themes, depending on your interior design preferences. When you ask people what a conservatory is, however, many people will have a different answer. The truth is that…

Keep Your Conservatory Cool in Summer

A UPVC white conservatory fitted by Northants Windows and Conservatories.

Keep Your Conservatory Cool Conservatories are a great investment for many homes, they’re a fantastic place to enjoy all year round. They create more space, add value to your property, and bring in more natural light. During the summer, this natural light can lead to your conservatory overheating and becoming too…

Why You Need a Conservatory

White UPVC Conservatory with two doors opening out to a garden with a table and chairs and a lawn area.

There are many things to consider when you plan to add an extension to your home, with the primary points usually being what the extension will be used for and how it will benefit you. In recent years, the number of conservatories added as extensions to everyday homes has increased significantly.

Creative Ways to Enjoy Your Conservatory

Conservatory Room with Chair and Coffee Table

A conservatory is likely to be one of the most flexible and attractive extensions you can fit in your property. A genuine asset to any home looking to make the most of the sunshine and garden spaces, there is unlikely to be a better way to enjoy the warmer months than…