Patio Doors Have Many Advantages

Family standing next to their grey framed patio doors, looking out into their garden.

Patio doors are sometimes known as sliding doors and are any type of door that opens onto a garden or patio area. Often confused with french doors, patio doors are different as they slide open on a track, while french doors open outwards using a hinge. Sliding patio doors are the…

A History of French Doors

An image of newly installed French doors with a brown door frame.

Glamorous, sophisticated, and lightweight, French doors – sometimes known as French windows – are an incredibly popular type of door in UK homes today. Even though they’re called ‘French doors’, their design has a rich history spanning across Europe, with a clear influence from Italian Renaissance architecture. In truth, the French…

How do Bi-fold Doors Fare in Winter?

Modern, closed bifold doors with black frames looking out onto a balcony

Benefits Of Bi-Fold Doors Dark nights, dark mornings, snow, cold and bouts of flu. Don’t you just love the winter! Stuck in-between last summer and next summer, those warm nights in the garden, enjoying that indoor/outdoor living seems like a distant memory.

Patio Doors or French Doors?

Family standing next to their grey framed patio doors, looking out into their garden.

Many homeowners consider their patio one of the most important areas of their homes. Not just that a nice looking patio adds value to a home, it is an area where people can relax, have fun, socialise and make memories with family and friends. When choosing new doors, you have to…

Our Guide to Choosing a New Front Door

Navy Front Door with gold post-box and handle, and two Green bushes either side

The front door is the focal point of a house. A house with a beautiful front door fills you with a welcoming feeling. The front door is a multitasker. It not only improves your home’s aesthetics but is also responsible for the safety of the house.

Benefits of Bi-Fold Doors

View from outside of an open, black framed Bi-Fold Door

Bi-fold doors are the perfect doors for contemporary home structures, favoured over the years for their usability and aesthetic properties. The benefits of bi-fold doors by far outstretch the classical single fold doors that came in either metallic or wooden materials. Their designs, safety and security options, choice of material, provision…

How to Paint a Front Door Like a Professional

Paint your front door like a professional with our tips Every part of your house needs to be maintained, and that includes the front door. Over the years, the paint can chip and may need some touch-ups. However, if its condition is severe, you may need to paint its entirety.