Front Door Decoration Ideas

Top front door decoration ideas

As a new season beckons, it’s time to decorate your home to ring in spring and it all starts with your front door. You can choose wreaths, twigs or berries, or a collection of fruits and vegetables or fresh flowers from your garden to give your front door a fresh look.

To get you started, here are some ideas you can draw inspiration from to welcome the new season.

A Lavender Bouquet

– A basket of lavender hung on your front door, maybe just below the door knocker, is sure to get a second look from your visitors. You can even use faux lavender for this decoration.

Lavander bouquet decoration

Chalkboard Sign

– A blackboard with white lettering should contrast well with most doors. You can use any inspirational quotes or message you like on the board. Or maybe even a simple welcome message.

A Family Monogram

– Recently, big letter monograms have become quite a trend. Complemented with a surrounding arrangement of flowers will give your door a nice change in style. You can also use a variation by putting up your family’s name or initials using wooden letters, moss sheets and wooden letters.

Wooden Tags

– Similar to chalkboard signs, wooden tags are also easy to craft and personalize with a message of your choice. Ranging from a simple ‘Welcome Home’ to jokes like ‘Approval of Dogs Necessary’ you can use your imagination to personalize your message your way.

An Empty Picture Frame

– This is a versatile decoration idea that is simple to do on your own. Use an empty picture frame to hang on your door and decorate in any way you wish. You can put up an arrangement of flowers along a side of the picture frame or completely cover the edges of the frame with fresh or faux flower arrangements. Another interesting idea is to add pictures from a scrapbook or family vacations for a truly personalized look.

Retro Lamps

– It isn’t necessary to put up your decorations directly on the door. A pair of retro lamps on either side of your front door can do the dual job of illuminating your walkway as well imparting a retro-based look.

old lamp decorations

These are just a few ideas for front door decor to get your creative juices flowing. Of course, with the change of seasons, an increasing number of decoration options open up – A pumpkin themed decor during Thanksgiving for example or a decoration based on wreaths and holly during the Christmas season.

The idea is to make your front door look inviting and portray the look of a cosy and happy home within.