Fun Innovative Ways to use Your Conservatory

White UPVC Conservatory with two doors opening out to a garden with a table and chairs and a lawn area.

Great ways you can use your conservatory

Do you have a conservatory but unsure what to transform it into? If so, you’ve come to the right place, many people who have a conservatory simply use it as a dining area as its a quick easy idea. However, there are a lot of people who are in two minds if a conservatory is worthy to invest into, well what do you think? Whilst conservatories are inviting space into your home, lost of people have the struggle of how to utilise and style them. Here are some ideas on how you could optimise your additional room;

What can you transform your conservatory into?

A family room

You can make this space into a comfortable, snug family room. Add comfortable sofas and a coffee table to your conservatory and make it an entertaining room, where you can all enjoy the space together with a movie, looking out into the garden spotting birds or reading.

Kitchen extension

If you love to host parties and gatherings, a kitchen extension would enable you to use the kitchen to its full potential. It would be very useful in everyday life, flooding the kitchen room with natural light. You could add bi-folding doors on to the conservatory and angled skylights in the kitchen, this will incorporate the kitchen into the conservatory a bit more. Making into one rather large open plan kitchen.

No utility? No worries!

Space can be arranged as a “handy room” this can be where all the appliances are kept such as the things needed for washing and other domestic purposes. Arranging it in an eye-catching and stylish way will give off a pleasant feel with more space available.

An office

If you often work from home or have your own business, a conservatory would be a great idea. This is due to the conservatory being the designated productive area, allowing you to work in peace with natural light and beautiful views. By separating the business from the rest of the house, will be ideal to have business calls. You would have your own quiet space to work while getting the luxury of being located right next to your home.

Children’s playroom

Another great idea would be to turn the space into a children’s playroom. The colourful paintings they make can be placed on the walls and feel like they have there owned space to play. As a conservatory can have the glass doors on the inside of the house also, it would be very quiet and peaceful whilst they are playing in the room also.

Garden room

If you enjoy nature then this will be great for you, you could turn the conservatory into a garden room. Include some rattan pieces of furniture in there and some plants to create the perfect atmosphere for you to sit back and relax whilst watching the world go by. You could even opt for an exposed brick wall option to give the design a more rustic edge while painting the doors a light grey with some upholstered furniture to really finish off the whole look.

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog, providing you with inspiration and some ideas on how to design your conservatory. If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01604 946669 or visit our website.