How to clean your conservatory roof

Best ways to clean your conservatory roof

Like the other parts of the roof in your home, the conservatory roof needs to be regularly cleaned, especially after a change of season. However, due to its nature, the process of cleaning it is different from that of the other roof types.

So, to get your conservatory roof to look fresh and sparkling, a proper methodology for cleaning is necessary. Here is how to go about cleaning the roof of your conservatory:


The very first thing to think about when planning to clean the roof of your conservatory is how you’ll access it. Standing on top of the roof is not recommended as it can damage it and even cause an accident in the event that you slide and fall. Therefore, the better choice for you is a step ladder. If you have to place the ladder on a surface that’s uneven, you should be sure there’s a second party to steady it for you.

The other thing you’ll need is a cleaning agent. Water and soap are recommended because the mixture of the two isn’t too alkaline or acidic and won’t damage the roof, the seals or the uPVC. Alternatively, you may use whatever glass cleaner you want if you need something strong enough to clear the roof of dirt. A great tool to use is either a rubber scraper combo and sponge or an extendable squeegee. The squeegee is for ensuring that there are no streaks when you’re done. And the sponge side is for washing the roof’s glass. This way, you’ll ensure that your gaze at the lovely blue sky above is not ruined as a result of water-marks on your conservatory roof.

man holding squeegee

Extendable poles are also good for spraying water onto the roof’s surface when you’re cleaning. Such poles are, therefore, good to have for cleaning. However, as an alternative, you have the option of using a hose to rinse the roof. To avoid causing damages to the uPVC or glass, don’t clean using a substance that’s abrasive. Scrubbing well with a sponge will do it for you.

The Cleaning Process

With the right materials in your hands and access to the conservatory roof, you can begin the actual process of cleaning. Position yourself on the ladder and have the other person hold it for you steadily as you begin applying the soapy water to the surface of the roof of your conservatory. To get rid of the accumulated dirt, use the sponge and extended pole to scrub the roof. Continue scrubbing until you’re done with removing all of the dirt.

After the scrubbing process is over, the next step is to rinse the roof of the conservatory with the hose. For a streak-free finish, use the squeegee attachment to wipe down the excess water on the surface of the roof.

Before you call it a day, walk into your conservatory and check from inside it to ensure that all the streaks and dirt have been removed. If necessary, you should repeat the cleaning process for the dirt and streaks that are still visible from the inside of the conservatory.

With this information, you can be sure that by the end of the day, your conservatory roof will remain sparkling clean. You can then enjoy your time in the room as you used to before the roof was invaded by the dirt.