How to Stay Cool in Your Home This Spring

Sun Shining Through White Windows with wood effect frames.

We’re sure you’re looking forward to experiencing some warmer weather then winter brought us! However, spring can become a very hot month, and sometimes it can become a little too warm to be comfortable. There are, however, there are some steps you can take to help keep your home cool this spring.

Consider Installing Double Glazed Windows

Double glazing limits the amount of heat energy that transfers from one side of the window to the other, helping to keep a room cool. And installing double glazed windows doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might have otherwise guessed. Nowadays, prices can be quite competitive, so this is definitely an option to consider when trying to keep your home cool.

Install French Doors

If your budget allows, and you have the space to do so, installing french doors can be a wonderful way to help keep your home cooler for longer. Not only can you take advantage of letting some extra light in during the day, but you can also keep them open to let a lovely fresh breeze cool down the household. And what is more, they are available in all sorts of attractive designs and could prove to be a lovely extra feature for your home.

Keep the curtains closed during the day

Sometimes it is actually best to keep your curtains drawn, especially if you have any rooms that are likely to become hot and stuffy. Or at least do not open them from the early morning, perhaps wait until later in the afternoon when it is likely the temperature will have lowered a bit.

Open Windows at Night

A lot of people will have their windows open at night anyway as it helps them to sleep. But, during the extra warm nights, this becomes even more important. Letting that fresh night air in during the night will not only help keep the rooms cool whilst people are sleeping in them, it will also help keep things cool during the day. Open them as wide as you need to.

Fans Around the Home May Help

Fans can be a bit controversial as technically they are just blowing warm air around on a hot day, and may use a lot of electricity, however, they also may still help to cool some rooms down, and if you have plenty of fresh air coming in through open windows this should mean that at least the fans are spreading around cooler air.

Create as Much Shade as You Can

It may be that you have to many bright sun rays coming into your home, and this is creating some very hot spots within your household. To tackle this, try and create as much shade as you can. For example, you may find a well-placed sheet will help to block out a good deal of sunlight.

Have Plenty ‘Cool Down’ Options Around the House!

To help keep yourself and any other household members cool throughout the day, you have plenty of options available that will help maintain everyone’s coolness. For example, you have plenty of ice in the freezer for cold drinks and some ice lollies!  And in the garden, you could have some light-hearted water-based toys such as water guns, to cool down with whilst having a lot of fun!

Keeping cool in the home is essential, as if you become too hot you may find it difficult to concentrate on what you are trying to do and even find it hard to relax when you need to. One problem with the warmer weather is it can make falling asleep a real challenge, so having ways to keep you cool throughout the day up until night time is a great idea.

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