Keep Your House Warm This Winter

Wooden dining table with white leather chairs inside a conservatory with dark grey framing and sliding doors.

How Can A Conservatory Keep Your Whole House Warm

During summer, the conservatory is the best place to be because it is spacious and provides light which makes it a good place for relaxation. It is a good place to entertain guests. Although, during the winter, a conservatory can be a place of abandoned space. It becomes a cold, sad and uninviting room that no one wants to spend time in.

During this winter period, the conservatory needs heating and the heat generated can keep the rest of the home warm. Because of the large expanse of glass, high ceiling and outside wall, the conservatory requires high heating during winter in order to keep both the conservatory and the home warm.

There are several ways of heating the conservatory that will keep your home warm. Some of these options available are:

  • Trench radiator
  • Independent electric radiator
  • Electric underfloor heating
  • Pipe underfloor heating

The effectiveness of these options depends on your household space and conservatory roof so when deciding on the best heating choice, it is wise to consider the pros and cons of these heating options and the energy saving. It is also wise to calculate the heat output of any of the options you decide to go with in order to ensure that the temperature of the conservatory is kept comfortable and can keep the home warm.

Underfloor Heating 

Underfloor heating, for instance, provides warm floor and also acts as a radiant heat upward into the conservatory and to the conservatory roof. It provides warmth in the room while being energy-saving at the same time. When the conservatory and conservatory roof is warm with this underfloor heating, the conservatory is kept at a comfortable temperature. 

Electric Radiator

An electric radiator is another good option of heating the conservatory which in turn heats the home. It offers efficient performance. The nature of the design shows that electric radiator can quickly heat the home. When you have an electric radiator in your conservatory, you are sure of heating the entire home because it is fast and efficient making you enjoy a comfortable temperature during winter. When you power the electric radiator in the conservatory, both the conservatory and conservatory roof maintains a comfortable temperature which can then extended to the entire home. Electric radiator eliminates the cost of installing and extending fully piped system. It is a perfect solution for any home where there is no central heating system and it is an additional heating system in the conservatory.

Considering the two options above when heating the conservatory, we can understand that if we consider the space of the conservatory, take a good calculation of the heating options suitable for the conservatory, we will be able to get good heating system that will make the conservatory comfortable which is also extended to the entire home as a result of the heat generated in the conservatory. Give us a call today on 01604 946669 or alternatively head over to our contact page to fill in the online enquiry form and one of our friendly team will be in touch as soon as possible.