Old Double Glazing vs New: What You Need To Know

Old double glazing vs new

Old Double Glazing vs New: Is It Time to Upgrade?

Is your double glazing working as well as it should? If you’ve noticed cold air flowing through your home, this is a clear sign that you need to replace your double glazed windows. The typical lifespan of double glazing is up to 20 years, however, how durable they are depends on the quality of installation, your home, and the materials that make up the entire window.

The most obvious sign your double glazing needs replacing is a cold draught that blows into your home. Once this happens, your windows aren’t fit for purpose and you need to upgrade them. A draught isn’t the only sign to watch out for, an increase in heating bill costs and reduced noise insulation are indicators your double glazing isn’t working effectively too. 

Ultimately, when examining old double glazing vs new, the choice of whether to upgrade is down to you. If, after a few years, you’re tired of your home’s double glazed windows, installing brand-new double glazing can breathe new life into your interior design. While double glazing is practical, these windows can also be a stylish and sleek feature of your home.

Signs That Double Glazing Need Replacing

  • Condensation: When you notice condensation collecting between the two panes of glass, this is a clear sign the seal in the double glazing is failing. Once the seal fails, the inert gas sitting between the glass panes drains away and is replaced by moist air. Condensation shows your double glazing isn’t retaining heat.
  • Leaks: Drops of water running down the glass means the seal around your double glazing is wearing away. While this may also be a sign the drain holes are blocked, in either case, the issue will need to be repaired or replaced if too much damage has been sustained.
  • Draughts: Your double glazing’s job is to be energy efficient and keep your home warm. When draughts seep through the window’s seal, cold air isn’t only entering your home but warm air is leaving too. If a cold breeze sends a shiver down your spine when you’re standing in your lounge, it’s time to replace your double glazing.
  • Noise: It’s not only heat insulation double glazing offers. If the windows are functioning effectively, they will keep noise from entering your home too. When you notice more noise than usual, check your double glazing for potential issues.
  • Problems Opening & Closing: Fortunately, this isn’t always a sign your double glazing needs replacing, but if the windows blow shut or get stuck frequently, you may need to invest in a replacement. Check the frame and the handle first as these are simple issues to fix. If the problem runs deeper, then it’s smart to upgrade the system.

Old Double Glazing vs New: How Often Does Double Glazing Need Replacing?

Double glazing is a durable and long-term choice for your home. On average, these types of windows will last for around 20 years. With high-quality materials, an expert design, and professional installation, you can have peace of mind your windows will do their job years to come.

In fact, at Northants Windows, we offer a 10-year guarantee on our double glazing to ensure all our customers are looked after now and in the future. If you notice any wear and tear, just let someone from our team know. Our expert window engineers will fix any faults, no matter how big or small. 

When it comes to old double glazing vs new, once you invest in high-quality double glazed windows you can trust in them long term. Even after ten years, they should still be keeping the heat in and the cold out of your home. If this isn’t the case, don’t put up with non-energy-efficient windows.

Get in touch with Northants Windows today, our team is happy to help transform your home with high-quality double glazing. Call us on 01604 946669 or visit our contact page to make an enquiry.

Is New Double Glazing Worth It?

Upgrading any part of your home can require a sizable investment. It’s understandable that before you decide on old double glazing vs new, you want to know if it is worth it. The answer is yes. As well as style and comfort, high-quality double glazing can save you up to £100 per year on energy bills.

Whether you want to replace single glazing or upgrade old double glazing, new double glazed windows are worth it for the energy savings only. They can also transform your interior design with a modern and innovative style. Counting in their long-term durability, double glazing is a practical investment that can reduce your energy costs for up to 20 years.

What is the U-Value of Old Double Glazing?

U-Value is the calculation used to measure the insulating characteristics of glass. Also known as thermal transmittance, the U-Value demonstrates how much heat a window loses and the rate at which the loss occurs. The lower the U-Value, the better as a lower value means the double glazing will retain more heat.

If you’re still struggling to decide between old glazing vs new, measuring the U-Value of both shows the benefits of upgrading. On average, old double glazed windows have a score between 2.8 and 3. While with new double glazing the value drops down to as low as 1.2. Upgrading your windows will not only keep you warm during cold winter nights but reduce your energy bill long-term too.

Why Choose Northants Windows?

Through our years of experience, Northants Windows install high-quality double glazing that benefits your home for years to come. We guarantee our windows look stylish, retain heat, and lower your energy bills – so much so, we offer a 10-year guarantee on all our double glazing. 

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