How to Paint a Front Door Like a Professional

Paint your front door like a professional with our tips

Every part of your house needs to be maintained, and that includes the front door. Over the years, the paint can chip and may need some touch-ups. However, if its condition is severe, you may need to paint its entirety.

Ideally, you should paint your door when the weather is clear and sunny, so the paint can dry easily. So, check the weather forecast first before diving headlong into your paint project.


What do I need to prepare my door?

You also need to see to it that everything is ready before you start painting your door. Prepare the necessary tools: rags, painter’s tape, cleaning solution, paintbrushes, rollers, primer, screwdriver, and paint among others. Do not use latex paint because it is not resistant to extreme weather conditions. Choose acrylic paint instead.

As for the colour, you can opt for any shade you want, although you may want to choose something that is three shades lighter or darker than the colour of your house for a nice contrast.

In addition, remove the knob, knocker, and other door fixtures. Put protective drop cloths around it before you clean it with soapy water. If there is mildew, you can use a commercial solution or bleach. Let the door dry thoroughly before you put painter’s tape over its hinges, peephole, and other hardware. Do not forget to scrape away any peeling paint or rust with a putty knife or wire brush, respectively.

Alternatively, you can take the door off its hinges and lay it flat to make the painting job easier and achieve a smoother, more even finish. Doing so will also prevent drips.

Next, apply the primer. Before you do that, however, smooth out the surface of your door with a sanding block. Wipe off the dust with a damp cloth. When the door is ready, you can apply the primer using a roller. When it is dry, you need to sand the door again before applying another coat of primer. The door should be completely covered with the primer. You can use a paintbrush or an angled brush to cover the trim work or details on your door.

Door preporation

Painting the door

Finally, start painting. You can use a paintbrush or a foam roller. To achieve a professional finish, you can use Floetrol, a product that helps thin out paint and makes the application process smoother. You can mix it with the paint.

The next step is to apply the mixture on your door just like you did with the primer. Go with a semi-gloss finish to allow the paint to hold up nicely.

Getting the perfect finish for your door

If you see any roller or brush marks on your door during application, you can use a sanding block to gently sand it in between coats. You may need to apply two to three coats to achieve a professional finish. Allow the paint to dry. You can put back the doorknob or handle in between applying coats, but you have to wait for the door to dry completely before you put back the other hardware or reattach it to its hinges.