Patio Doors or French Doors?

Family standing next to their grey framed patio doors, looking out into their garden.

Many homeowners consider their patio one of the most important areas of their homes. Not just that a nice looking patio adds value to a home, it is an area where people can relax, have fun, socialise and make memories with family and friends. When choosing new doors, you have to consider some main characteristics: beauty, durability, security, energy-efficiency, and last but not least, budget. 

The two most common types of garden doors are sliding patio doors and French doors. Although they share some features and both of these types are fairly similar they do have some differences.

What are the Differences Between French Doors & Patio Doors? 

The main difference between the 2 types of doors is the way that they open. Patio doors slide along a track and french doors open on a hinge, you can often choose if you would rather the doors opening outwards or inwards this depends on where you would rather the extra space when the doors are open – in your home or in the garden. 

Sliding patio doors

The main characteristic of sliding patio doors is that they open to a side using a sliding track. The biggest benefit of this type of doors is that they are space-saving. They are modern and sleek, suited for modern and contemporary homes. These doors are often large and wide, which allows an almost panoramic view of the garden. They allow plenty of natural light into a room. 

In the past, some people may have thought that sliding doors didn’t provide enough safety and security to their homes. Nowadays, this feature improved, since the doors can be made of shatterproof safety glass, and have several locks. Also, when they are locked from the inside, there is no way that they can be opened from the outside.

Sliding patio doors consist of a glass pack and an insulated frame, which makes them more energy-efficient. It makes them a better sound barrier from external noises, as well. 

French doors

French patio doors are double doors that open outwards or inwards from the centre and they typically have hinges. They are a wonderful feature of the home and they can increase the value of the property. 

French doors have a wider door frame and are considered to be more traditional than sliding doors. It seems that many people like this style, making it so popular. These doors have narrower opening space than sliding doors, which is suitable for smaller gardens. French doors are often made of natural materials like wood, but they can also be made from modern materials like PVC or aluminium you can also get them in different colours to suit your preferences and styles.

French Doors in a bright apartment

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