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Best Way to Clean Your Glass Roof

Cleanliness isn’t a choice, it’s a necessity for living a healthy lifestyle. There are many health hazards recorded as a result of having a dirty environment, most of which might have been avoided if only a normal cleaning routine had been in practice. The benefits of having a clean environment, whether in the house or outside in the garden have been shown to be numerous. Adequate cleaning of the house in its entirety reduces the risk of injuries which is common when household objects like toys and tools aren’t tidied away, it’s also shown to reduce the effects of allergies, keep pest infestation to a minimum, and improve safety.

The method you will use to clean will all depend on the size of the area and what you intend to clean.

Glass is a common material throughout many homes and offices. Glass roofs, however, require a bit more maintenance than your average mirror or window. Consequently, many homeowners have invested in self-cleaning glass which lessens the necessity of regularly utilizing poles, cleaners, and squeegees during sanitation.

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Cleaning Safety Equipment

The first step is taking inventory of your cleaning appliances and safety gear. The instruments used in cleaning glassware like glass roofs differ from normal household cleaning appliances, due to the fragile nature of the glass.



Safety boots (Shoes you don’t mind getting dirty or wet)



Squeegee and Cloths

Telescopic pole/broom

Cleaning Method

Glass is fragile – always take precautions and avoid standing directly on the glass, or leaning a ladder on the glass.

Clean the inside glass window panes first so you know which marks are left on the outside and where to focus your cleaning.

  1. Use lukewarm water and your chosen glass cleaner to remove any visible dirt or debris. It is preferred by some people to mix vinegar with lukewarm water for better performance. Strong or highly reactive chemicals should never be used for cleaning, irrespective of the stains observed on the glass roof.
  1. Use your telescopic brush to clean from the top of the roof in downward motions.
  1. Use your squeegee to prevent water from remaining on the glass or frames. Always remember to gently scrub the glass and not harshly.
  1. Once the roof is clear of dirt and debris, change the head on your telescopic pole to a dry cloth, and shine up the glass.

Since the rise in popularity of telescopic cleaners, most people steer clear of ladders for cleaning high windows or conservatory roofs. If you are using a ladder, make sure to carefully attach your bucket to the ladder to avoid several trips up and down.

Cleaning a glass roof is a tricky process, but with the above tips and tricks hopefully, we’ve made it a little bit simpler. If you need any more advice on conservatory roofs feel free to get in touch.

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