Ways to Lighten up your Conservatory this Winter

White Sofa in modern, clean conservatory with Colourful Cushions

Conservatories in the summer are a wonderful addition to any home, soak the sun up from the comfort of your sofa. A traditional conservatory has glass walls and a glass roof, perfect for trapping the heat, so you can make the most of it all day long. However, in the winter conservatories can become very cold, sometimes unbearable, but we’ve come up with some ways you can lighten up your conservatory this winter.

Clearing out your Clutter

No one enjoys sitting around clutter. Clutter has been shown to increase stress levels and I’m sure you don’t want that. Be organised. One great way in which you can easily dispose and tuck away the clutter is by dividing it up into 3 piles; Bin, Keep and Donate. This way you are less likely to keep things you don’t need when you are left with the items you want to keep be minimalistic, put away the things you don’t need.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh lick of paint can completely transform any room, a feature wall is a great way to lighten up your conservatory. Try to avoid darker colours, dark paint will reduce the light in the room. Whereas a lighter colour will increase the light and make your conservatory lighter even in those cold winter months. Keep the colour in with your already existing colour scheme, you don’t want your conservatory looking like a child’s colouring box.

Lighting is Important

Always emphasise the natural light when possible, mirrors are a great way to reflect the light around the entire room. For those dark mornings and early evenings, lighting comes in very handy, but deciding what’s right for you is very difficult to decide. Think about the function of the room, what do you use it for? If you can’t decide, adjustable lighting is a great alternative. We’d suggest avoiding extremely bright lights, conservatories are made of glass and when it is dark outside the glass acts as a black mirror. To reduce this, you can use a dimmer lighting method like lamps. Lamps, fairy lights and candles are a great way to create a relaxed atmosphere for those cosy nights in.


Bring the outdoors in, fill your conservatory with some new life and fresh aesthetics. There’s nothing like having pretty flowers and plants scattered all around the room, you will be surprised how much flowers can lighten up a room. Give it a try! To take it that step further pick your flowers to match the colour scheme of your room, this will just make your conservatory go that extra mile. As a conservatory acts like a greenhouse you can grow some tropical plants, orange trees and lemon trees. The colourful plants will bring fresh life to your conservatory, even in the cold gloomy winter months.


Choosing the right furniture for your conservatory is very important, avoid dark furniture. Just like painting with dark colours, dark furniture reduces the light in the room. If you already have dark furniture and don’t intend to change it, you can throw some light-coloured cushions and throws around to lighten it up. When picking out your furniture be aware that in a conservatory the furniture is always exposed to sunlight, so they can quickly become bleached and decoloured.