What Are the Different Types of Conservatory Roofs

Types of conservatory roofs

What Conservatory Roof Types Are Available?

Conservatory designs have evolved over the years. Whether they’re built from glass, polycarbonate, or solid tiles, changes in technology and legislation have inspired innovative new types of conservatory roofs. If you’re looking to upgrade your conservatory roof or install a brand-new system, there is a wide range of unique designs to choose from. So what are the different types of conservatory roofs?

Many conservatories built before 2010 were still based on a traditional design. With either a glass or polycarbonate roof, these structures used white supporting beams slotted between the panels to hold everything in place. This is still what many people imagine when they think of a conservatory. After 2010, however, building regulations changed allowing roofs to be made from materials other than polycarbonate and glass, unlocking a world of design potential.

Conservatory Roof Styles

  • Polycarbonate Roofs
  • Glass Roofs
  • Solid Tiled Roofs
  • Hybrid Roofs

Polycarbonate Roofs

Polycarbonate is a transparent plastic material that is tough, stiff, and impact resistant. However, polycarbonate roofs have a bad reputation for some people. Older systems lacked durability, so over time, they experienced a few problems because of wear and tear. 

Roof leaks, poor temperature regulation, and sound insulation were all common for roofs made from this material 20 years ago. As technology has advanced, however, polycarbonate roofs have shown they can stand up to harsh weather conditions and retain their strength and style long-term.

The Advantages

  • Affordable – Polycarbonate is one of the most affordable types of conservatory roof. Although, other options may be more durable or high quality.
  • Easy to Shape – Whatever shape or structure you want your conservatory to be, polycarbonate can be moulded to match your style preferences.
  • Transparency Choices – Polycarbonate is available in transparent or opaque designs, giving you more choice over style, as well as light and temperature regulation.

The Disadvantages

  • Noise – Rain causes noise when it bounces off the plastic which can be a distraction when you’re trying to enjoy your conservatory. Wind can also cause lots of noise in harsher weather conditions.
  • Heat Regulation – When the weather is warmer during the summer, polycarbonate can cause the conservatory to overheat making it uncomfortable to use.
  • Visually Unappealing – Polycarbonate can look plain if you don’t have a high-quality design, whether you choose a more transparent or opaque style.

Glass Roofs

Glass conservatory roofs may not be as popular as polycarbonate roofs, however, they’re a stylish option that has a variety of unique benefits. With all different types of conservatory roofs, the best option for you and your home depends on what you want from your conservatory.

Do you want lots of natural light flooding into your home’s conservatory? If so, glass is the perfect material to use for the roof as they accentuate natural light even during overcast days. With a low-glare design, you can relax comfortably in your conservatory even while the sun lights up the room’s beautiful design.

The Advantages

  • Durable – High-quality glass can retain its quality for as long as 30 years with the proper maintenance. The material is a long-term investment in your conservatory roof.
  • Stress-Free Installation – At Northants Windows, we design, build, and install high-quality glass conservatory roofs regularly. You don’t have to worry or stress, glass is a material that’s simple to use for your conservatory roof.
  • More Light – Glass allows natural light to flow into your conservatory, so you can enjoy a bright and vibrant space during the summer months.

The Disadvantages

  • Cost – Glass is a more expensive option than polycarbonate roofs, however, they’re more durable and retain their quality for longer.
  • Temperature Regulation – In the warmer months during the summer, glass conservatory roofs can cause the room to feel stuffy and uncomfortable. While in the winter they’ll feel cold too.
  • May Not Add Market Value – Because of the lack of temperature regulation, glass conservatory roofs may not add market value to your home.

Solid Tiled Roofs

With the changes in building regulations, came innovative new designs and opportunities for homeowners looking to install conservatories. One of the most exciting styles available is solid tiled roofs. Ditching glass and polycarbonate for a traditional roof, solid tiled roofs create a style for your conservatory and also regulate temperatures more effectively.

You don’t have to huddle up with a blanket and the central heating on full blast during the winter in your conservatory. Solid tiled conservatory roofs retain heat more than other options. This saves you money as you can give your radiators a rest and ensures you’re comfortable on cold winter nights.

The Advantages

  • Use All Year Round – What makes this type of conservatory roof unique is it ensures you can use the room all year round because of its ability to regulate temperatures.
  • Complements Your Interior Design – There are so many coloured tiles available to choose from. Whatever your current interior design, you can find a colour and style that complements your home.
  • Add Market Value – The structure can resemble an extension more than a conservatory, which, along with its functionality and style, can increase your home’s value.

The Disadvantages

  • Less Natural Light – Without windows on the roof, less natural light can enter the conservatory. However, this is a simple fix. You could add a skylight or ensure you have large windows lining the walls of the room.
  • Costly To Renovate – If you already have a glass or polycarbonate roof, it’s less affordable to change the structure to a solid tiled alternative.
  • Finding The Right Company – After regulations changed, many companies started offering solid tiled conservatory roofs. This meant it became a challenge to find the right professionals to handle the installation. However, you don’t have to worry, at Northants Windows, we’ve got you covered.

Hybrid Roofs

Let’s face it, everyone wants to have the best of both worlds. Choosing the best conservatory roof for you and your home is no exception. The good news is, with hybrid roofs, you can have your cake and eat it too. Using a blend of glass and solid tiles helps create a unique conservatory roof that lets you take advantage of a wide range of unique benefits.

The Advantages

  • Fantastic Look – Hybrid conservatory roofs create a contemporary look that adds a wow factor to your home.
  • Experience The Benefits of Both Materials – Every conservatory roof material has benefits and disadvantages. With the right design, you can ensure the room regulates temperature effectively without sacrificing natural light.
  • Customisable – Using a bespoke design service, you can turn the conservatory of your dreams into a reality.

The Disadvantages

  • Less Affordable – Adding skylights, artificial lighting, or large windows can increase costs. 

How Will I Know Which Roof is Right for Me?

As a homeowner, you want to be able to make an informed decision whenever you’re making changes to your property. When it comes to a conservatory, getting the choice of roof type right helps create somewhere you can enjoy all year round. As trends and designs evolve, however, it can be difficult to know which style of roof to go for. 

The best choice depends on what you want from your conservatory. What style of roof do you prefer? What’s the main function of the room, somewhere you can enjoy with your friends and family in the summer or a room you can use all year round. You also have your budget to think about.

If you want help from experts who can guide you towards the perfect conservatory roof for you and your home, get in touch with Northants Windows today.

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