Window decoration ideas

Top window decoration ideas

They say that windows are the eyes to the soul of the house (or is it the eyes are the windows to the soul?). Whichever way we put it, windows are one of the immediate things we notice when we pass by a house. Observe your house. Are you distracted by the dullness of your window? Ever wanted to infuse some accent into your home? Here are seven window decoration ideas that you can adopt:

Hang curtains

It depends on you what colour, pattern (if any), texture, or length the curtains are. If your windows are made of transparent glass, it is wise to use curtains that go well with both the interior and exterior of your house. It is better to start with complementing colours. If you have large windows, drape curtains are the ideal choice. They give a classy, elegant look to your interior.

Install blinds

Same as with curtains, you need to choose blinds that blend with the inside and outside façade of your home. You can choose from pleated blinds to Persian blinds. The former has no spaces in between slats, thus, they provide you shade. The latter has spaces in between, allowing light to pass through. This is recommended if you have narrow windows.

Paint the glass

This is good if you’re the artsy type. In fact, you can even involve your child! Select designs and colours that blend with the shades inside your room and at the same time, look good when viewed from the outside.

Door glass decoration

Adorn them with plants

Not only are windows openings for light, they are also an excellent place to let your plants grow. This way, the sunlight supplements the “natural look” provided by the plants. It is a healthy way of decorating your window and your entire house as well.

Use decal stickers

These are especially great if you have wide, large windows. Decals are like curtains, but the difference is that they insulate light. They can either be opaque or translucent. They are also like blinds, but they cannot be easily removed if you want some light to enter your rooms. Pick out clever decal designs, but make sure that they do not look awkward when seen.

Hang mason jars with plants/flowers

Similar to number 4, but the dissimilarity is this is most suited for small windows. Since they are small, curtains would look odd on them so it is better not to put any. Instead, you can hang mason jars half-filled with water. You should be very careful when mounting them, though.

Put a string of shells

If you’re not a fan of blinds and curtains, you might as well try using shell curtains. They are lined with strings, hanging from a flat wood which you will need to attach on top of your window. They add a beachy feel to your house.

Shell curtain decoration

All things considered, how you decorate your window ultimately depends on the whole appearance of your home and on your personal predilections. The Window decoration ideas detailed above are just some inspirations you can adopt when deciding how to maximize aesthetics in your house.